Eintragen Mischen Lösen


Clever powder input system. Ideal for the industrialincorporation of powder into liquids. Controlled, even, and nearly free of air!

Thanks to a special incorporation principle, different substances may be blended evenly and nearly free of air:powder into liquid, powder with powder, liquid with liquid.  The flexible use of the input systemis based on the “Venturi Effect”:

Using negative pressure, powder and/or liquids are being sucked in and evenly blended with other substances. The system is flexible and has to be “fed” liquid or pulverized substances either per funnel, a special proboscis, or directly from bags.

The EML system is used in many substance processing industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics: emulsions, lotions, syrups
  • Colors and glue: coating colors, surface glue, paste
  • Food: icecream, yoghurt, dessert creams, cottage cheese, mascarpone, salad dressings