homogenisieren, modular, kleine Mengen


A lot of skill for small quantities!

The Homo-Rex also works on the basis of the rotor-stator principle just like big ones, but for small quantities!




Finest grinding degree, optimum distribution!

The colloid mill has a wide range of potential applications. It is being used in applications where substances are to be precisely pulverized and evenly mixed. The colloid mill combines hydraulic and mechanicalcutting, impact, crushing, and friction forces and works with high pressure in the product chamber. (more…)



BSA (Brogtec Sauce Automat) The colloid mill in combination with a smart mixing vessel!

Our BSA constructions consist of a colloidmill combined with amixing vessel. (more…)

Eintragen Mischen Lösen


Clever powder input system. Ideal for the industrialincorporation of powder into liquids. Controlled, even, and nearly free of air! (more…)